“Be your own biggest fan…”

Listen up beauties and gentlemen!

Before you share or start any part of your vision/goals, be sure that YOU are 10000% invested in what you are setting out to do.  If not, the first bit of negativity, or lack of support, will throw you completely off kilter.  Besides, if you don’t believe in it, you can not expect anyone else to!  So, the moral of the story is, “Be your own biggest fan!”  You should hear yourself cheering louder than anyone else.  Now, that cheering has nothing to do with you going around gloating about yourself.  It has nothing to do with extreme pride or acting or speaking as if you’re better than anyone else.   Let me hip you to something my dears.  When you exude pure, humble confidence, it will speak for itself.  Others will see the fire in your eyes and the capability in your actions.  This type of confidence requires absolutely NO lip service.  It’s all about the “doing.”

Remember that, in every effort, we have a conscious decision to make.  We can either choose to be our biggest supporter, or we can choose to be our own worst enemy.  When we choose the latter, we can not blame failure on anyone else but ourselves.  In my own experiences, I found that when I became my worst enemy and critic, I tended to try and blame others for how I was feeling. But I had to STOP, and be honest with myself.  I had to realize that no one else has the power to stop me.  Only I possess that power.  I also realized that, although others can discourage, they can not dismantle a vision!  It’s impossible!  So, if this is you, stop the “stinkin’ thinkin’.”  Open your eyes and know who, and better yet, WHOSE you are!  God never makes any mistakes or creates anything or anyone with glitches!

So, be encouraged!  You’re equipped for whatever you are destined to do and be.  Do your part and prepare for it!  Do your due diligence and perfect your crafts.  The world is waiting on you!!!!!


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