Tribute to Dr. Elinor Montgomery


I only had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Elinor Montgomery once, when my husband and I were “dating” and I went to WA to meet his family.  From the moment I met her, I fell in love with her.  I could tell that she was a loving and nurturing woman.  I immediately took to her and have never forgotten her til this day.  To top it off, she reminds me of my late great-grandmother, so much so, I have always felt that we may really be related somewhere down the line :).  When I heard of her passing, I was deeply saddened because with her departure was the departure of the type of woman that is severely lacking in this day and time.  She was a true mother and leader who possessed a quiet strength.  I will always remember our encounter and cherish it.

Today, I salute your Dr. Elinor Montgomery.  May your legacy live forever.

2015_03_08-AM-Finding-Rest-In-Jesus-580x200 (2)

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