Do you ever go through your grandmother or mother’s old things and find these beautiful brooches that you think “wow, gorgeous, but I would never wear that.” I’ve been thinking about it, and there are so many things you can do with these brooches that don’t require wearing it on your lapel.

Here are 10 fashionable ways to wear those beautiful brooches:

1. Traditional – We can all add a little flair to our outfits by putting a brooch on our shirts or suit jackets. Traditional never goes out of style.

2. Pin your purse – Many women will add a little glamor to their purses by adding their brooch to the side or on the straps. Or, if it’s a buckle / button closing purse, put it on the flap to make it look like it’s the closure.

3. Around your neck (scarf) – Add the brooch to your scarf as a center focal point, or on the side to hold it together. Really you can place it anywhere you think compliments the look!

4. On your head (hats) – I know this is one that not everyone can pull off because you have to be a hat person to do this in the first place. Stick your brooch on the side of your hat or even the front (depending on the style).

5. In your hair – Add a brooch to your hair as a barrette, over your ponytail, or pin it onto a headband for added flair.

6. As a pendant – We all have chains or omegas that we don’t wear because we don’t have the “right pendant” to go with the “right outfit”. But what if you have the right brooch! Add a brooch to your omega or necklace and magic happens!

7. As a cocktail ring – Do you have a band or a small ring that you want to make big! Add some style to your fingertips. Clip the brooch over your ring and bam, instant cocktail ring.

8. As a bracelet – Add an eye catching brooch to any bracelet, whether it be a group of bangles or pearls, or a thick leather bracelet.

9. On the sleeve cuffs – Who said ladies couldn’t wear cufflinks too?! The next time you wear that crisp button up, add small brooches to your cuffs to give your shirt that extra bling.

10. On your belt – Add that eye popping centerpiece to your belt buckle to give your outfit that subtle but unique pop!

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